Founded by David and Linda Cowie and John and Marion Brignall, Marine Reach Ministries began in New Zealand in 1990, using ships to reach isolated island communities in the Pacific Ocean. Since then we have expanded considerably and now use ships, trucks, mobile clinics and strategically located bases to bring humanitarian aid, evangelism programmes, and training initiatives to communities in over 20 countries.

Marine Reach Ministries set up a permanent base in Fiji in January 2002. By land and sea we have reached many of the more remote villages and islands around Fiji with our Medical outreaches, providing Dental, Optical, Ophthalmology (Cataract Surgery) and Primary Health Care. Equally important is the work of our Evangelistic, Practical, Youth and Church outreach teams. Over time the nature of our outreaches has varied depending on the availability of transport. There are possible future opportunities for us to do further marine outreach but at present we are land-based, providing for Fiji’s largest island – Viti Levu. Despite it being the hub of Fiji there are still many that find access to and cost of healthcare prohibitive, therefore many people persist with untreated conditions and pains.

Ship History

Marine Reach Ministries is the maritime arm of Youth With A Mission. It began in New Zealand in 1990, using ships to reach the more isolated island communities in the South Pacific. Marine Reach has operated several ships in different areas of the world.

Marine Reach Pacific Ruby

M/Y Pacific Ruby

Our first vessel was the M/Y Pacific Ruby(293GRT). This vessel was donated to the organization and used for six years pioneering the work of Marine Reach in fifteen nations across the Pacific. In 1996 the vessel was sold to an Australian interest.

Marine Reach Island Mercy

M/V Island Mercy

In 1994 the M/V Island Mercy (993GRT) was obtained and remained in service with Marine Reach for seven years. The vessel went through extensive renovations including the building of operating surgeries on board. Serving from the South Pacific to the Philippines Islands, over 100,000 men, women and children received medical care with many receiving cataract surgeries and dental treatment on board the vessel. The ship was sold in 2001 to a Philippine interest.

Marine Reach Pacific Link

M/V Pacific Link

In January 2001 the M/V Pacific Link (283GRT) was purchased in Tauranga, New Zealand. After nine months of renovations including the construction of operating surgeries on board she began service in the South Pacific in April 2002.
The Pacific Link, with its on-board dental and ophthalmic clinic, is involved in training, medical ministry and evangelism and is now based out of Townsville, Australia working into Papua New Guinea.

Marine Reach Pacific Hope

 M/V Pacific Hope

In 2013 Marine Reach NZ purchased another larger vessel called the M/V Pacific Hope and has been in service since 2015. Marine Reach Fiji is not directly involved in the running of this ministry. Pacific Hope is now serving in Dominica.

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