Newsletter – November 2023

Time flies that we are finally done with 2023 health care outreaches. Serving, troubleshooting, processing we can name… 게시: Marine Reach Fiji, YWAM 2023년 11월 7일 화요일

Newsletter – September 2023

What a week it has been! We had a team from Redland College set up to come last 2020 and had finally able to worked with… 게시: Marine Reach Fiji, YWAM 2023년 9월 23일 토요일

Newsletter – July 2023

Bula friends! Here is an update on our last outreach in Tore Village. We served with an amazing group of people, 25… 게시: Marine Reach Fiji, YWAM 2023년 7월 10일 월요일

Newsletter – May 2023

Natalecake Village on the Island of Viti Levu was the location of our last outreach. The village consists of 200+… 게시: Marine Reach Fiji, YWAM 2023년 5월 1일 월요일

Newsletter – November 2022

At Marine Reach Fiji, our goal is to serve the people of Fiji physically and spiritually. This last week we did just… 게시: Marine Reach Fiji, YWAM 2022년 10월 8일 토요일

Newsletter – August 2020

Bula everyone!! We are sorry for our long silence! We want to write now to say we are still here and give you our updates. Since September we have had no village outreaches, but in October our base provided the location for the first Member Care course of the Pacific. Many of our staff participated […]